Advantages of Bermuda for your offshore base

Bermuda, just by the name of it island sounds interesting and have successfully attracted many people. The place which has got many mysteries attached to its name is basically an island territory of British. This island of Bermuda is situated in North Atlantic Ocean. It’s pink sand beaches such as Elbow Beach and the Horse shoe bay of the island are few of the amazing tourist attractions on the island. Apart from that interactive Dolphin quest, maritime history at national Museum of Bermuda and Royal naval Dockyard complex are some other major tourist attractions. You will get to see a unique blend of British and American culture in Bermuda.

If you are thinking about why Bermuda for your off shore base, we can enlist many good reasons why you should. There are many advantages of living on an island such as Bermuda and some of them are discussed below!

Life in Bermuda will be almost like living in heavens!

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. And when you get the opportunity to live and work in a place where work becomes play, then what else can you ask for. Bermuda is a beautiful cluster of islands with vast stretches of pink beaches. Waking up to a beautiful sun beyond the vast sea line will definitely energise you for the rest of the day. Weekend on beach with friends or family is definitely a fascinating idea. Whether you are family and kids’ person or a party type, Bermuda has something or other to offer to all. The best part is that you will not have to bear the honking and irritating city traffic as you would have tolerated in a busy city of America or England. Everything is peaceful yet promising in Bermuda.

Job permits in the city are easy!

When you are on a off shore assignment on the island, you need not worry about the job permits. Though a bit expensive, but you can easily get work permit or extension of work permit in Bermuda Islands. You will need to do your math and decide whether you wish to pay such huge work permit extension. Is it worth all the efforts? If you have good performance then your employer will happily pay for your job permit extension. So, unlike some other countries getting a work permit or extension of the work permit is not an issue in the state and you can easily settle or send employees for work to the island. But you cannot get the voting right or citizenship of the island until and unless you marry a Bermudian citizen and live with your spouse for at least ten years.

Good place to raise family and kids!

Another advantage of choosing Bermuda for your offshore company is that it is a good location for raising a family and the kids. Though, cost of living in the state is bit high, buy overall you can give a decent lifestyle to your wife and the kids as compared to other big cities of America and England. Kids will get to live in a peaceful environment with lot of prosperity and fertile work culture around. Apart from that there are many private and government schools in the state offering up to the mark education to the kids. In short, childhood in Bermuda will be a healthy and nurturing experience for the kids. You will also get to socialise with other families of the same or different nationalities in the state. Overall it is a good family place to live with spouse and kids.

Political and economic stability!

All of us want to give a stable and peaceful lifestyle to our family. Not many of us will want to thrive in war prone regions or start a set up in areas of economic instability. If you are looking for a peaceful place where you can start your offshore company then Bermuda Island is a very good option available for you. In last so many years, Bermuda Island has not witnessed any kind of political or economic revolts. It is an economically stable place witnessing economic development at a very good pace. There are many companies in the state with high financial rankings and these numbers are on a constant increase. Overall starting an offshore company in Bermuda is a safe bet.

Fertile environment for business development and growth!

Another advantage that encourages many to start a setup in Bermuda Islands is presence of fertile business environment. Robust and realistic business regulations in the city not only define the border for the business men but it also increased the transparency in the business and chances of any kind of fraudulency decreases by many folds. Realistic yet flexible regulations further create scope for business development and innovation. It is this flexibility in the defined system that attracts many businessmen to start an offshore company in the vicinity. Almost every small and big insurance and reinsurance company has their presence in Bermuda Island and it is the proof of supportive business environment in the state.

You don’t have to go out anywhere for entertainment when you are living in Bermuda!

Bermuda can be un opposing counted as one of the best places which offer world class entertainment. You will definitely create memories to be cherished for the life on the beautiful beaches and exquisite restaurants of the state. Entertainment is not very expensive as compared to some of the crème restaurants of England, America, and Paris etc. Though, it can neither be counted as reasonable but it will definitely be worth of all the money spent over it. There are n numbers of entertainment options available in the city. Whether you want to go dining with kids or looking for a romantic gateway or just want to chill out with friends, Bermuda has an option for all. There are many cultural dance and art shows organised in the city on regular basis. If you are an art lover then it is a very good option for you.

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